Terms & Conditions


If there is a reasonable and timely notification of defects, the product will be repaired at our discretion. Defective goods will be replaced if the defective product can be proven to be sold by Things of Skill. We reserve the right to have remedial measures by a third party. If proof of purchase cannot be provided, the repair or replacement will be voided.

Defects due to customer handling or misuse by the customer are not at our expense. Working documents that appear defective can be processed in accordance with prior consultation and coordination. Storage of client purchased materials or accessories are handled with care.

Our liability for consequential damages is limited to the invoice value of defective goods supplied by us.

The liability limitation does not apply if our representatives or agents are found accountable of gross negligence or intent of our liability.

Our recommendations whether oral, written or practical guidance are based on our own experiences and tests and are therefore only guidelines and not be seen as a guarantee.

Our products are subject to continuous development. We therefore reserve the right to change the design, composition, front properties.

The warranty period is 6 months from the transfer of risk.

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