User Manual

Before the game
Place the ball inside the Jetbounce, surrounded by the gel ring. Press the metal plate inside the ring. The crystallisation of the liquid will start and the heating process will begin. Please close the box. Depending on the ambient temperature the ball reaches its optimal temperature after approx. 5 minutes. During the game the product retains this temperature after activating for a period of approx. 45-60 minutes so can be used to keep the ball at optimal temperature between games.
Also, can be used to pre-warm a spare ball in case your match ball breaks. After the game take the ring out after it has completely cooled. Place the ring into boiling water for approx. 5-8 minutes until the contents of the ring have liquified again.
Tip - place in a sieve and hold above the water in the steam if you prefer
Tip - wrap in a cloth before you put in the water
Tip - water must be BOILING, not simmering!
Jet bounce Squash Ball Warmer

About 5 minutes prior to your squash match Place you squash ball into the JetBounce squash ball warmer and initiate heating. The squash ball warmer will gain the correct temperature prior to starting the warm up and match.

Keep the lid on the squash ball warmer once you have entered the court. This will enable you to maintain optimal temperature so in-between games you can place the ball into the JetBounce squash ball warmer to maintain the temperature while you prepare for the next game. There is nothing better than having a warm squash ball to start a new game especially if it is a long match.

The jetbounce Squash ball warmer should maintain the proper heat to keep your squash ball warm for approximately one hour enabling you to continue to keep your squash ball warm throughout the entire match.

After the match is complete the JetBounce squash ball warmer will return to room temperature and be ready to recharge with a simple boil.

A few hints

Depending how many times a week you play purchase the same number of squash ball warmers. The reason for this is that at the end of the week take all of your squash ball warmer gel packs and recharge at the same time. This makes the process of recharging your squash ball warmers a 10 minute exercise once a week. You will then have all of the squash ball warmers ready for next week's play.

The jetBounce squash ball warmer was designed for all level players. If you are just starting out in the game you will be amazed at how much easier it is to maintain a warm squash ball then it is to hit the ball hard enough and consistently enough to have it reach a suitable temperature. Having two squash ball warmers going at the same time or place a second ball in the squash ball warmer will allow you to change out periodically when you feel that you are no longer playing with a warm squash ball. If you are playing at a higher level the squash ball warmer will eliminate the need to start your warm up hitting a dead ball allowing you to start you match sooner. The advantage of using the squash ball warmer in-between games is it allows you to start play right after the 180 seconds is up and not require you to again hit the ball vigorously just to get the ball into playing condition.

At a high level the JetBounce squash ball warmer allows you to enjoy more of the game.After cooling down the ring can be reused many times as you are simply activating and then reversing a chemical reaction.
Notes on safety
Product is not a toy!
Not suitable for the use in a microwave oven!
Damaged rings must not be used.
The liquid is non-toxic (sodium acetate and water)
Avoid contact with mucous membranes.
In case of contact, rinse immediately with clear water.
In case of contact, there is danger of spot formation.
Do not put product under pressure.
Avoid contact with sharp objects.
Take care to avoid scalding whilst reactivating (boiling water/steam)!
Never touch the hot ring directly during reactivation!
Take the ring out of the water with suitable utensil (e.g. wooden spoon).
Only heat up the ring, never the box!
Dispose of product carefully.
Definition of use
This product is to be used only for the heating of squash balls. Any other use will invalidate warranty.